Spill Hotline

Report an incident: Spill Hotline (509) 764-3792

If you see a suspicious discharge into city storm drains, streets or waterways (illicit discharge), or have had a spill and need assistance in how to handle it, please call the Spill Hotline during normal business hours to make an Illicit Discharge Citizen Report.

For calls after hours, or if you feel that this is an emergency, please call the MACC dispatch at (509) 762-1160 and the appropriate personnel will be alerted.

Your identifying information collected will not be used by any other department or for any other purposes other than the investigation of this report. You may opt to file this report as an anonymous user. All information you provide will be kept confidential. Violators will not be informed of reporters identity.

Please give us as much information as you feel would be helpful in assisting us to locate and identify this problem as soon as possible.

The Stormwater Division appreciates all citizen assistance in keeping our city and watershed clean and safe for everyone.

Only rain down the drain!